Friday, March 23, 2012

Patterns vs. Video Tutorials

Maybe I am the only one but I find it somewhat hard to read crochet patterns. Even some of the easy or intermediate patterns are kind of tricky for me. Granted I am only 6 months into this new wonderful world of crochet, but I think the patterns are extremely intimidating for someone in the beginning stages of learning. Especially if they are doing it on their own. I made up my mind I was determined to learn and I found a great way to decipher patterns. Where you ask? Ha, it was on a video tutorial! I originally learned to crochet by watching my mom. After I had the basics down I wanted to branch out and make other types of items and try new patterns so I searched the internet and found a lady that has hundreds of video tutorials on anything you want to make. I really learned "The Art of Crochet" by watching her videos. Thank you Teresa Richardson for helping me learn to crochet and for creating a tutorial on symbols and terms.

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  1. She is a fabulous teacher! I just found her late last year, and I was so thankful. I made lots of my Christmas gifts, and her tutorials helped ALOT.