Monday, March 19, 2012

We Made a Delivery!

Praise God! Today we donated 18 hats, 3 scarves and 1 lap blanket to oncology patients in South Bend, Indiana. For those of you who helped by donating yarn or crochet/knit items I want to say thank you. The cancer center we donated to was completely out of hats and only had a few scarves to choose from so our donation really helped and was blessing.

Just a few of the hats donated with matching scarves.
Our next delivery will be in mid-April. This is completely voluntary and we accept any type of crochet/knit items. Some people have asked if we have any limitations on the types of items, and as of right now we simply ask that the items donated be handmade, new, smoke free and pet hair free. If you choose to make a hat please remember that most people that have lost their hair due to treatment prefer soft hats that do not have holes in the pattern.

Thank you again for supporting our efforts. Please help us spread the word about our cause. Like us on facebook at

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