Sunday, March 25, 2012

Chemo Hat & Flower Patterns

If you are interested in helping crochet chemo hats & beanies I found a great pattern. It's a simple double crochet with a single crochet ribbing around the bottom. I tweaked it a little to make it a bit larger but the original pattern is fine to. I embellished it with a flower and button.

I have posted a few free hat patterns in my blog that I have found on the web and thought would be good to use when making chemo hats. Feel free to experiment with patterns and create your own style. We accept any style crochet/knit hat donations.

Ridge Hat With Brim
Pattern & Flower by Stitch of Love
Lavender Double Crochet 
Chemo Cap
Pattern by Head Huggers
Flower Pattern (video tutorial) by Little Birdie Secrets

Light Blue Double Crochet 

Chemo Cap
Pattern by Head Huggers
Flower Pattern (video tutorial) by Little Birdie Secrets 
Blue & White Stripe 
Double Crochet Chemo Cap
Pattern by Head Huggers (using alternating colors)
Cute As A Button Flower Pattern by
The Crochet Crowd

Please visit our FREE HAT PATTERNS page to see more caps.

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