Thursday, February 23, 2012

Crochet for a Cause: Getting Started

I admit I am very new to crocheting. I began last December when I was at my mom's in Indiana. She was so excited to show me some of her creations she had made. They were adorable crochet hats. You see my mom had recently been diagnosed with cancer and was beginning the treatment process. She had started to lose her hair. Her doctor told us this would happen and thankfully we were prepared. A month prior to her first treatment we had heard about a local non-profit called River Bend Cancer Services in South Bend, Indiana that donates new wigs to patients fighting cancer. I have to say, they were the most comforting and compassionate people. They really took their time to talk with us, give us advice and answer our numerous questions. By the time the appointment was over my mom had a brand new beautiful wig PLUS three crocheted hats, a silk pillowcase, and a lap blanket donated by a Notre Dame student. Wow! Really? I never knew this place existed. It was right then that I felt a tug from the Lord on my heart telling me to do something. But what? I didn't really understand until my mom showed me the hats she had made just like the ones she received from River Bend. It was like a light bulb over my head and the Lord showing me what he meant. Give back. Help someone else like we were helped. So began our journey making and donating hats.

One of my mom's first crochet
hats she made.
Are you asking yourself if maybe this is something you could do? It really is simple. You can begin by contacting local charities in your area. Call cancer treatment centers in your city, doctors offices that deal with cancer. Perhaps there is a non-profit similar to River Bend. I am sure that most locations are very open to donations of crochet items. There are also national organizations that take crochet donations. I found a website called The Daily Crocheter that lists numerous charities that accept crochet items. If you are unable to find a location to donate your items, please email me at and I will be sure they get into the right hands.

Whether you are a beginner like me or an old pro, you can show your love and support to someone fighting against cancer. I know how much it meant to my mom to have someone show her kindness when she needed it. A simple crochet hat can touch a persons heart.

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