Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Inspired to Crochet for Cancer

We asked the question "How have you been inspired to Crochet for Cancer" on our Facebook page and we received the following personal stories from some of our dear friends. 

Virginia Scott
I have cancer so I know how hard it is to get through all the treatments and still keep your spirit up. I joined a Christian crochet group several years ago and my group made a prayer shawl for me. It only seemed natural for me to make and give prayer shawls to others with cancer and also to anyone who needs the comfort of something physical and also prayers. My only regret is there is not enough time to make a million more that I could give to others. The bright spot, I taught my daughter to crochet and she will be doing shawls also.

Onix Terevinto
I have dealt with cancer in my family many times, lost loved ones to it and dealing with it right now again and myself having a pretty bad condition. I know how it is to receive help and to know that other care and think of you and your well being. That is what inspired me to knit a hat for Crochet for Cancer.

Suzette Clayton
I was diagnosed with small cell in the Fall of 2011. I had taught myself to crochet from a book as a child, never learned to read directions. I decided I had plenty of time to learn a new stitch each week and make one hat a week. It has been fun to make these hats not only for myself but also knowing that my down time is making a difference for someone else. One evening my husband said, "You aren't going to wear that crazy hat are you?" I said, "No, but I think a teenager would love to." He agreed!

Jean Doyle
In 2009 I was told I had Oligodendroglioma (brain cancer). I had surgery and my eyesight was affected. Not being able to get around well and going through chemo I started back crocheting. This kept my mind and hands busy, and helped me feel useful. 

Have you been inspired to Crochet for Cancer in your city? If so, please email us your story


  1. I want to crochet hats and donate them. How do I get started? Plus I know how to crochet, but I need a patttern I never made a hat crocheting just knitting. Susan Weaver

  2. I started crochetting hats for cancer because i had an aunt who had cancer. She got so mall and so fragile that it broke my heart. Luckily she was still strong enough to fight it off. She has now been cancer free for six months now. I thank god everyday that she is still with us